You all know I love hair education. At Hairitage we believe it is important to identify what type of hair you have, that way you have a better understanding of which products work best for you – resulting in healthier, better looking hair.

Generally, hair type is broken down in two categories: hair type and hair curl pattern. Other factors that can affect product choice are porosity, density and elasticity.

The type number (1 ,2, 3, 4) describes how your hair grows from the follicle of your scalp in its natural state, aka when it's wet; straight wavy, curly or coily. The letter (A, B, C) describes the thickness and the width of each individual wave, curl or coil. Just know that its very normal for people to have a mixture of hair types and textures on their head.

Here is a cheat sheet to help you figure out your hair type:

hair type categories

Type 1 = Straight Hair (Strands go up and down)

Type 2 = Wavy Hair (“S” shaped hair)

Type 3 = Curly Hair (Loose curls, defined spirals or ringlets)

Type 4 = Coily Hair (Tighter, compact hair ranging from an “”S- shaped to “Z”- shaped, zig-zag curl pattern)

Hair type Subcategories

A = Wider Looser Curls

B = Medium Width Curls

C = Tight Curls

Type 1 = Straight Hair

1A = Straight hair with no bends in hair

1B = Straight hair with a subtle bend in hair

1C = Straight hair but with moderate bends in hair

Type 2 = Wavy Hair

2A = Wavy hair with a subtle “S” pattern in places that form loose waves

2B = Wavy hair with a loose “S” pattern throughout. Hair is more wavy than curly

2C = Wavy hair with a more defined “S” pattern that forms loose wavy curls

type 3 = curly hair

3A = Curly hair with loose curls

3B = Curly hair with loose spiral curls

3C = Curly hair with loose corkscrew curls

type 4= cOIly hair

4A = Coily hair with moderate corkscrew coils

4B = Coily hair with tight corkscrew coils or tight “Z” shaped coils

4C = Coily hair with super tight coils that sometimes morph into an undefined curl pattern

Watch as Mindy explains how to identify your hair type!